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There are 12 main archetypes – each with its own profile of motivators, strengths, blind spots, and unique opportunities for connection.

By leveraging an intentional archetype, you make it easier for your audience to connect with your brand on an emotional level. But intentional leveraging of archetypes is not about borrowing meaning for the sake of marketing or more followers. It’s about crafting a deeply consistent and enduring expression of meaning. One that is universal, timeless, and undeniably relatable. 

This approach of leveraging brand archetypes to find your timeless strategy, story, and style is tailored to be supportive and inspiring for a spirited and intentional creative like yourself. Long-used by high-profile brand strategists, playwrights, and storytellers of all kinds, archetypes are an incredible tool to help you build a brand that stands the test of time, resonates instinctually with your audience, promotes offerings aligned with your energy and your audience’s desires, and serves as the foundation for a strong and consistent internal culture.

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what are brand archetypes?

"I just wanted to thank you for the brand archetype guide!!! A year ago I decided I wanted to start my own business, but was struggling with my personal branding, following the guide of "who is your ideal client and speak to them." I felt I was forcing myself into the girl next door and that isn't who I am. I read your guide and the light came on and I feel like I've found my voice! I have a new excitement for my business! Thanks!!!!"

"FINALLY had a chance to slow down with this & I loved every page. Not only did this provide clarification to me & what I’ve been witnessing in my own growth (I am 100% a Lover brand), BUT I am going to start using this in my client research.

Beautiful job, congratulations & THANK you!"

"Thank you for sharing this simplified way of looking at brands. I felt so much confusion when thinking about me, my brand, and my clients so the fact that I can loosely categorize them into a way of envisioning them... This is such a less restrictive way of envisioning my ideal client and you changed the game for me by introducing me to brand archetypes!"

"Seeing my blindspot written out like that... that totally makes sense with all the frustrations I've been feeling in my brand. This guide makes everything about my business just MAKE SENSE."

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