Luxury Boudoir Devoted to Preserving Beauty Beyond the Skin Barrier

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Lady Folk and Unbridled Form had the pleasure of partnering with Shelly of Venoma Artistry to unveil her next evolution as a luxury boudoir studio in Memphis, Tennessee.

From brand and website design from to naming, messaging & optimized copy; we unearthed an opulent boudoir experience that eternalizes everyday women imperfectly & artfully as they are. Because beauty beyond the skin barrier can’t be constricted.

When we first met Shelly on a connection call, she set our souls on fire. We could feel her passion for celebrating women who dare to take up space through her work as a boudoir photographer. It was clear how much she believes in what she does and we were swept off our feet by how dedicated she was to boldly stepping into the next chapter of her art.

She was clearly not messing around and was all in on collaborating with a strategic designer and copywriter who appreciated and matched her passion, artistry, and drive. Here’s what she had to say. about her rebrand experience…

Where were you at before you worked with me? What were you struggling with and how did you feel?

“I felt like nothing was cohesive. I would make things…and they never felt like me. Petals & Lace Boudoir was amazing in the beginning…but as I evolved, so did my business.”

Why did you decide to invest in your web design and branding?

“I knew for the next phase of my business I needed a more high-end feeling. I needed more cohesion.
Again, I also felt like Petals & Lace Boudoir just wasn’t “me” anymore. I wanted something more fierce, confident, badass.”

What’s your favorite part about your new website and branding?

“All of it.

I basically made up my own previous logos and colors. It is just so nice to have something cohesive across the board. The website is SO luxurious..along with the logos, fonts, all of it.”

How do you think your new website or branding will impact your business?

“I think it will attract more of my “ideal” type of client because of the high-end feeling… They will get the vibe that it is not a cheap experience, but it is a worthy one.”

Why did you choose Unbridled Form over working with another designer or doing it yourself? 

“Well, I tried to do in myself with my first brand…and while that was FINE… It didn’t fit what I truly wanted in my business. The collab with you and Lady Folk was honestly a no-brainer. I got the designer and the copywriter to help me bring Venoma to life. I knew I didn’t have the capabilities (or the time) to do it myself.

I also saw the work you did with Deja Revel Fine Art Boudoir. AND OMG it was so perfect. I crept Kara’s site literally all the time because it embodied exactly what I dreamed of for my own business. After that, I followed you on IG and saw work you had done with other pages…and I knew you were the perfect fit.”

Did you see any opportunities for improvement during our collaboration?

“I thought it was pretty perfect.”

*Editor’s note: 🥹

What would you say to someone who’s considering working with me?

“If I could give Amy all the stars in the sky, I would. She literally brought my entire vision to life and I am forever grateful. Working with her was a literal dream. She communicates so beautifully and presents everything to you in such an organized detailed manner. She truly goes ABOVE AND BEYOND for her clients. Actually that phrase doesn’t even match what she does. She goes even higher than beyond! She is literally the best. Her artistic design for web design and branding is just incredible. I could not have asked for a better experience with Amy.

Highly highly highly recommend.”

You can explore more of Venoma Artistry’s unraveling here, including the before and after of the website. When you’re ready for your own before and after, I’d love to partner with you to create your own artistic and memorable brand and website. Get in touch today and let’s start the conversation of how you can find more cohesion and support in your chapter of expansion.

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