Brand archetypes
Brand archetypes

Introduction to Brand Archetypes

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Recently I announced that I’m developing a new DIY brand offering, inspired by what you guys told me you wanted in the survey I ran last fall. To recap, nearly everyone asked for the tools to help them take ownership of and to level up their client processes and brand styling.

I knew there was a deeper theme driving this need to understand how to present your brand and connect with others in the most authentic way possible. So I got to reading, analyzing, and workshopping an actionable (and affordable) way to get to the core of who you are and who you are in your business. And I’ve been hard at work creating that process in a way that can be either totally DIY or done together. 

Enter, the archetypes.

Archetypes are underlying patterns of human nature and experience. They’re deeply rooted in our values and shed light on our mindset, motivations, and frustrations. 

For the record, the archetypes are nothing new. Philosophers, storytellers, and branding experts have been leveraging them literally forever. Archetypal patterns are why we fall in love with certain storylines in books and movies and why brands like Nike and Disney have this unwavering identity that creates a cult-like audience.

But we don’t see many brand designers or strategists talking about archetypes. And that’s a bummer.

Because archetypes are an insanely impactful way to appreciate the power of your brand on a larger human-story scale. They make your brand easy to understand both psychologically and strategically because they connect with your audience based on innate motivators that are within all of us, just at varying levels. They also give us a key to understanding how we’re showing up in our business, what opportunities we have, and what our blindspots may be.

Unbridled Form is a Lover brand at its core.

Like most Lover brands, I believe that passion is what makes anything worthwhile. I want to create brands and websites that engage our souls, bring functional art into the 2D space of the Internet and business cards, and celebrate closeness and collaboration. I also dream of creating something worth belonging to, a community that helps us tap into our most authentic selves in business and in life.

There’s also a big part of me as an individual that identifies with the Explorer.

An Explorer’s journey is both inner and outer, as they’re motivated by a deep desire to find out what in the outer world fits their needs, preferences, and desires. They are often nonconformist and seek a more authentic and fulfilling life. As free-thinkers, they often value spontaneity, grit, open-mindedness, ambition, and discovery. Their motto is “don’t fence me in.”

Their down-to-earth nature keeps them feeling familiar to their audience and inspires them to take a few intentional risks in their own journey of discovering who they are and breaking away from their constraints.

The potential blind spot of an Explorer brand? Constantly seeking out the next adventure without sharing their journey in a meaningful way.

Once I realized that, it hit me. No wonder I’ve been so frustrated with thoughtfully showing up on Instagram or even planning out these monthly emails!

My calendar has been filled with new projects and I’ve been reveling in the opportunity to constantly be taking these new adventures with my clients, to dive into the unknown and discover what we can unearth. I’ve been so wholly consumed by it that I haven’t been finding the time to share these stories of our journeys, our lessons learned, or the incredible experiences we create together.

Now that I know my blind spot, I can create a structure that allows just enough freedom for me to explore and wander to my heart’s content while defining times to reign myself in to share my journey with all of you.

Learning more about my brand’s archetype has also unearthed such a deep clarity in who I am, what my opportunities are, and who I want to serve.

The whole concept of finding your ideal client has always frustrated me. I get it – if you’re talking to everyone, you’re talking to no one. But I never wanted to connect with just one person who shops at TJ Maxx and likes hiking on the weekends.

I want to connect with artists, writers, designers, and adventurers; creators who value curiosity, unbridled expression, and taking a few intentional risks. I want them to feel inspired by and aligned with their business and to understand how their personality and style play into their brand. I want to curate a deeply soulful experience that brings them unshakable clarity and confidence through a brand and website that supports their wildest and most ambitious dreams.

Through the lens of the archetypes? I want to connect and partner with other Lovers, Creators, Outlaws, and Explorers.

I want that clarity and deeper purpose for you too.

Brand archetypes

Here’s what leveraging the archetypes can look like:

Instead of starting with who you want to work with, how you want to serve them, or how you structure your processes… we’ll start with what you feel, hope for, and shy away from when doing these things, bringing greater clarity, confidence, and purpose to everything you do.

This is not for you if:

— you want step-by-step guide for client intakes or hand-offs

— you want a template for client proposals or emails

— you just want a logo

— you’re not interested in doing deeply reflective work

This is for you if:

— You want to cultivate a deeper understanding of how you show up in your business

— You want to make more meaningful connections with people who energize and excite you

— You want to understand how your personality, motivations, and frustrations play into your style and story

— You want a step-by-step guide that walks you through this reflection and then helps you create a meaningful strategy, story, and style for your brand


— You want to go through that process with a strategy, story-telling, and design pro guiding you every step of the way.

If this all sounds like something you’re into, I highly recommend exploring this free guide to brand archetypes. By leveraging an intentional archetypal blend, a brand can understand its power on a larger human-story scale, nurture greater trust and deeper relationships with its audience, and stay true to itself as it evolves.

This guide is tailored to be supportive and inspiring for a creative like yourself. I hope something within it sparks something new or even feels familiar! That feeling of coming home may just mean you’re onto something.

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