Learning about our audience (and offering them interesting ways to learn about themselves!) is essential for showcasing our value to potential clients and customers and growing our business. Quizzes can be both entertaining and informative, offering a break from traditional and expected content formats (like blogs, but thanks for reading). This entertainment factor can lead […]

Pantone's 2024 Color of the Year: Peach Fuzz

This warm and cozy shade communicates a celebration of closeness, caring, and collaboration. So it’s best used for brands that speak to people’s desire for togetherness and feeling cared for. 

Here are the Showit design courses, design assets, and business tools that I trust with my business and my clients.

These business tools for creatives have brought ease, structure, and creative flow back to my brand and web design business by giving me peace of mind and more time to create while making sure my clients are taken care of and my business is protected. Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links and I receive credit […]

If you haven’t purchased one already, GoDaddy is a very convenient, user-friendly, and affordable way to manage your domain and email addresses in one place. You can also use other domain hosts, but I find GoDaddy to be the easiest and most seamless way to set up a domain and email address and connect the […]

Providing feedback is a crucial part of the process and ensures that your brand and website are exactly where you want them to be.

File types can be confusing! So here’s a breakdown of the different file types you may receive when we work together and how to use them.

Your website will be built on a platform called Showit. Step 1) Start your Showit subscription using my referral link to get a free month → https://account.showit.co/r/amysentme Click Create your site at the top of the page to make sure the discount gets applied, otherwise you won’t get a free month. Step 2) When you log in, it will […]

If you’ve been scouring the internet looking for tips on getting copywriting clients, you’ve likely come across the idea of a freebie, lead magnet, or opt in. The idea here is providing incredible value to potential clients before they send you a dime or even book a discovery call. It positions you as a trustworthy […]

Mood boards are best used for roughly gathering inspiration. To find a meaningful strategy, you need to look at the underlying patterns in what you’ve gathered. So creating a concept board is a great next step in going to a deeper and more connection-focused level of design. When you’re suddenly staring down a Canva template […]