Custom brand illustrations for Crowe Copywriting
Custom brand illustrations for Crowe Copywriting

Brand identity, web design, and copywriting for a copywriter

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Ashley is a copywriter who specializes in email marketing for early childhood brands. After niching down further, Ashley was ready to invest in a website that would help her reach her dream clients and support major growth in her business.

Her previous website was a simple design that was professional but no longer matched the level of expertise and specialty she was providing to her clients, so we crafted a deeply meaningful brand and messaging strategy, designed a dreamy and woodsy website, and emphasized her work with her favorite dream clients.

“I LOVE IT!!!!!! This is the perfect vibe to represent both me and the brands I want to work with. I’m giving you all the high-fives! So, so thankful for you and all you’ve done to bring my brand vision together. I could not think of a better partner.”

Below you can see the previous website next to a series of graphics of the new online experience. We incorporated brand illustrations, a choose-your-own-adventure presentation of services, and gifs and videos that brought the experience to life.

See how we were able to create a true experience to connect with her ideal clients versus a simple presentation of services and past work?

“My ideal client is also a parent entrepreneur who has created something wonderful to help parents or kids learn. I want them to be washed over with nostalgia and all the magic of early childhood. I want them to want to hug their own little ones a little bit tighter because I helped them remember how precious but fleeting this time is. I want them to feel inspired and also proud of the work they’re doing. Because they are bringing the best kind of play to kids.”

Even if you’re a highly skilled and experienced copywriter like Ashley is, it can be hard to write for yourself. So I crafted a brand voice and website copy approach that were rooted in her values of curiosity, learning, and story-telling. Like this: “Turn your emails into a can’t-put-down series that resonates — creating more engagement, sales, and happy children learning through play.”

Our project also included custom hand-drawn illustrations which are featured across her new logos, website, and freebies.

My favorite? The cute lil redwood cross-section that replaces the standard (and boring) hamburger icon that opens the navigation menu! It’s also featured on the navigation menu itself.

When Ashley told me about one of her family’s favorite memories while on the road — “traveling through Redwood National Forest. With the towering trees and shimmering sunshine, it was like a fantasy novel come to life. I’ll never forget that feeling of being surrounded by earthly magic!” — I knew we had to draw from the magic of those natural wonders in the illustration suite.

Wondering where you can use custom illustrations? Short answer — anywhere you can think of!

— sprinkled across your website
— on your logos
— stationary and notebooks
— client gifts
— stickers
— team apparel
— freebies and lead magnets
— email signatures
— social posts and bio pictures

If you’re ready to transform your brand experience to match the level of your expertise or you want to personalize your brand with custom illustrations, patterns, or textures, submit an inquiry here!

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