Unbridled Form Artful Gift Guide: 2023 Edition

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Each of the companies detailed below was intentionally curated because they are deeply rooted in story and the creative spirit. From striking home decor, jewelry, baked goods, and paintings inspired by the untamable spirit of the West… To artisanal markets and global flavors… To vibrant creations that celebrate joy and play… There’s truly something for each of the story-led people you’re gift-searching for this season. & these quality handmade products will tell their stories and stand the test of time much longer than any standard Internet or department store find.

Mayd2fly – Handmade Jewelry

Mayd2fly is such a poetic, rugged, and refined exploration of nature and creativity through compelling jewelry. I’m obsessed with soaking up the stories behind each piece on Instagram @mayd2fly and have my eye on pretty much everything for ears, neck, wrist, and finger because I just love it all.

From the artist: “I live where people are full of grit. Mother earth challenges with scorching sunshine, harsh winters, jagged mountains, and dust-laden winds. We endure her grit by mirroring it. Mayd2fly keeps up with the restless, the adventurous.

I create in silver with the rugged, natural elegance of the Rocky Mountain west. I am inspired by our motherland and the strong tribes she formed. I live among, and create to emulate, rough characters and wild beauty.

stay wild,
-dale d.”

Everything is story-led and reflective, from the individual pieces to the collections. & for the one who’s hard to shop for, virtual gift cards are available on the website! But be sure to browse the current collection at the upcoming open house in Cody, WY this Saturday, December 2! Check @mayd2fly on Instagram for details.

3 Sheets Designs – Transformative wooden home decor

Since I met Casey Sheets of 3 Sheets Designs, I have been inspired and energized by each new piece I see and each creative conversation we have, whether it was chatting about the incredible framed end-grain sagebrush piece he crafted for me, his online portfolio that we’re working on together, or the intricacies of what it means to be a modern creative storyteller. I’ve always left these conversations with a full cup.

From the artist himself, “3 Sheets Designs was born out of a desire to create and design, to transform inspiration into reality. I allow the give and take of letting the piece give me inspiration of what it wants to be and what I want it to become. Sometimes bending the wood to my vision, other times letting the wood guide me to a piece that I wouldn’t have thought possible. Over the years of working with amazing people, a passion for putting stories, memories, and Wyoming into every piece has emerged; a passion to make art that invokes curiosity and reveals beauty and appreciation for the everyday things that don’t get a second look.”

3 Sheets Designs will be at an upcoming artisan open house in Cody, WY this Saturday, December 2! Check Instagram for details. Beyond this weekend, you can check out statement home decor pieces available at Cottonwood Interiors and follow along @3sheetsdesigns on Instagram to see deep dives on the stories and process behind pieces and hear about upcoming showcases.

Carrie Kholes – Fine art equine metal & giclee prints

I came across Carrie’s work during the 2023 Cody Art Walk and have nearly never felt more seen. Unlike much of the Western art you may see at such showcases, Carrie doesn’t depict the nostalgia of the cowboy stories or the sprawling West or even anything manmade. Instead, she highlights the untamable frontier spirit of the horse as inherent art itself.

In Carrie’s work, we also see ourselves within the horse – the opportunity for freedom, strength, and empathy. It’s an invitation to reshape the way we think about the connection and coexistence between horse and human.

In a recent interview with Art Chowder, Carrie shared, “At least my viewers are reminded of nature’s beauty and the power and poetry of the horse. I would like, if even for a moment, for the viewer to be taken away from the hustle of everyday life. I also like to represent emotion in most of my paintings. Horses are emotional and poetic creators that communicate with body language, so I find them to be the perfect subject to represent human as well. If someone can connect with that on a deep, emotional level, then I feel like I have done my job as an artist.”

Originals and metal and fine art prints are on sale through December 25 at carriekholes.com! Use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout for 20% off!

Cowboy Textiles – Western rugs made for real-life

Whether you’re often found on horseback or simply love the nostalgia and freedom of Western and Southwestern design, Cowboy Textiles is the move for beautiful rugs you don’t have to worry about ruining.

Seriously, founder Stephanie posted a video that will live rent-free in my head forever. She dumped a coffee pot, a shovel of mud, and a can of tomato sauce on this poor rug and then vacuumed it all up with a portable carpet cleaner. I was equally stressed and blown away and will 100% be filling my home with the stain-blocked rugs from Cowboy Textiles from now on.

Stephanie is also launching interior design services, with a remote mood-boarding option and I am here. For. It. The styled shoots and customer photos she shares already are full of design inspiration, but I’m loving the mood boards posted on Instagram lately!

Liz Campbell Fine Art – Paintings celebrating life and love

Liz beautifully captures life’s loving feelings with paint and poetry. The Lover series she’s been creating recently celebrates the kind of closeness, play, and joy that Unbridled Form is all about and I’m just soaking it all up.

Equal parts raw and refined, her pieces remind us that love and connection are so possible amongst the messiness of life. & I just adore how she pairs poems with her pieces because what is better than compelling visuals and artful words?? Liz Campbell Fine Art is not only a lovely and spirited journey of expression and play, but just knowing Liz is the reminder I personally need to take life a little less seriously and celebrate the love around me.

Her story of finding healing and coming home to herself through art is one many of us creatives can likely relate to. In her own words –

“It was this combined love for the healing power of expression and art that birthed my painting process.

Every time I stand before a blank canvas, I fall in love with life all over again as pure magic appears on the canvas – darkness to brilliant color and messes to masterpieces. I paint to celebrate the everyday miraculous moments of being alive. Each painting is still therapy to me and I feel so grateful to get to share this joyful art, as “therapy” for the collector too.
Check out the descriptions written by each painting to hear the healing story behind each piece.”

Shop now and share these vibrant vibes with someone special.

Audrey Hall & Chase Reynolds Ewald – Bison: Portrait of an Icon

I met Audrey in a branding workshop last year and was immediately captivated by her artistic vision and expression, this beautiful dance between realism and the ethereal and not bound by any one medium. Audrey’s creative works span music, incredibly transcendent fine art photography, home and wildlife editorial photography, film, and many other unique expressions.

Her full-size coffee table book titled Bison: Portrait of an Icon, in collaboration with writer Chase Reynolds Ewald, is the first book of its kind and invites us to explore the powerful icon of the bison and its cultural significance in the historic and present-day American West.

Bison: Portrait of an Icon tells the story of the bison―its history, majesty, cultural significance, and comeback story―through the stunning, dramatic photography of Audrey Hall. Even more, woven throughout these visually captivating photographs is an extended essay by author Chase Reynolds Ewald. Brought back from the brink of extinction, the bison today―with its rugged, primitive build, its remarkable speed and hardiness, its primeval wooly hide, and its sheer strength―is an icon as distinctly American as the bald eagle.” (Product listing)

This work is best explored by experiencing it for yourself with the book in hand or by reading this interview between Audrey, Chase, and Cowgirl Magazine, where they discuss the Bound Bison project that led to the idea, the cultural intricacies of telling the story authentically, and the powerful comeback story of the bison.

Shop Bison: Portrait of an Icon on bookshop.org to support small booksellers, or on Amazon for immediate purchasing to guarantee Christmas delivery. I’ve also come across it in stores around Cody, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana.

Proprietress – Tasting room & market in Cody, Wyoming

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Michelle, the proprietress behind the brand, and she is just as energizing and welcoming as her beautifully curated boutique of gourmet foods, charcuterie and hosting supplies, gifts, and all the beverages to share with good friends this holiday season. Among the wine, spirits, ciders, and craft beers are also some artisanally bottled nonalcoholic options.

If you’re local to the Cody, Wyoming area, The Proprietress is a must-visit for their custom-tailored gift baskets alone. Michelle generally curates a selection of ready-made holiday gift baskets but is also down to unleash her creative freedom to craft a personalized assortment. You can also call ahead and pick up your holiday gift basket at your convenience.

You can follow along @proprietresswy on Instagram for inspiration but I 10/10 recommend stopping by The Proprietress at 1128 12th Street in Cody, WY for artful hosting supplies and gifts this season. Be sure to pop into their tasting room to sample their seasonal cocktail and wine recommendations!

Sitti’s Table – Gourmet food market & cafe in Cody, Wyoming

Born out of a love for bringing people together over delicious and intentionally crafted food, Sitti’s Table is a must-visit restaurant in Cody Wyoming. Featuring a menu of artisan lattes and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern fare, Sitti’s is my favorite place in town to connect with friends and soak in the natural light that warms their cafe. They also have an incredible selection of artfully packaged snacks, groceries, and gifts for the foodie or host you’re shopping for this season. They also offer gift cards.

Everything about Sitti’s is art – from the food to the vintage bookcases filled with stunning packaging of snacks and gifts to the aprons hung on the wall like you’re in a family kitchen. And everything about it is rooted in story. “Sitti” is Lebanese for “grandmother” and the name and space are a tribute to the owner’s grandmother, who’s featured in newspaper clippings and photos around the cafe. 

Sitti’s is such a local favorite that Food Network’s Guy Fieri stopped in to try their Italian sandwich and the lamb kofta man’oushe for his Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives show.

Be sure to stop in and try their Maple Latte (the real maple syrup makes my Vermonter heart happy) and the Brisket Sandwich.

Lady in the Wild West & Chase Reynolds Ewald – WILD SUGAR Cookbook

In collaboration with Chase Reynolds Ewald, Lindsey Johnson of Lady in the Wild West recently announced the pre-order opportunity for WILD SUGAR: Seasonal Sweet Treats Inspired by the Mountain West. It’s out on February 27th, 2024, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon and it looks like a gift that is totally worth the wait.

“Wild Sugar is more than a cookbook. It celebrates art, nature, and beautiful desserts. It’s filled with:

* Delicious recipes inspired by the seasons, from home style brownies to delicately layered cakes

* High altitude baking instruction

* Creative cake and cookie decorating ideas and techniques

* Baking tips, tricks, and tools, like how to master the perfect pie crust

* Wild West inspiration with ideas on repurposing, decorating with nature, and the Code of the West”

The book is also described as featuring “Johnson’s stories and adventures in Wyoming of Christmas tree hunting gone wrong, farm animal antics, huckleberry picking, and baking with kids. She also provides table setting and serving ideas using repurposed items and help from nature.” (Pre-order listing)

Lindsey’s account in an interview with BigLife magazine of finding abundant creativity upon moving to Wyoming is a familiar tale. “When we got here, my creativity exploded. The Tetons, the Snake River, the aspen trees, the wildlife. We had bison and elk roaming through our yard. Everything was beautiful and it rocked me to my core.” Her creations truly celebrate the spirit of the West and I love that this cookbook provides both the inspiration and stories behind the treats as well as the tools and tactics to make them approachable in everyday baking. Because we all deserve beautiful and delicious treats to fill our homes and share with those we love.

Bumble Bee Handcraft – Polymer clay jewelry & ornaments

Based out of Burlington, Wyoming, Briana crafts such lively polymer clay earrings and gifts. Her journey with Bumble Bee Handcraft started in 2020 when she wanted to contribute more to her family and while being present and giving her boys a wonderful childhood. Today Bumble Bee has grown into something Briana could never have imagined — a community of incredible women who lift each other up, spread joy, and live life with a little extra color.

I literally cannot wear any of my Bumble Bee designed earrings without getting multiple compliments on them, if not people asking me to write down the name of the website immediately so they can grab a pair themselves.

Briana’s Christmas collection of earrings and ornaments features a variety of vibrant and natural tones that will brighten up the winter days ahead all season long. But be sure to act now to make sure you can wear your new pair leading up to the holiday or that it ships in time to wrap it up under the tree!

An unheard of 40% off sale will be happening this Friday December 1 so be on the lookout and join the Facebook group if you want the latest details. The Bumble Bee community Facebook group is truly so fun to be a part of.

I wholeheartedly believe our spaces, lives, and outlooks are better for collecting artful products, so I hope this list brings you and those you love a bit of inspiration and joy beyond this holiday season.

I love collaborating with and collecting works from artists and creative entrepreneurs because when creators thrive, communities thrive. Life is more vibrant, soulful, inspiring, and empathetic when filled with products and experiences that make us feel.

I hope that’s why you connect with Unbridled Form. Because around here, we believe passion and connection are what make anything worthwhile. You can get more of that intimate connection and sharing @unbridledform on Instagram.

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