Guide to File Types for Branding & Showit Web Design Projects

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File types can be confusing! So here’s a breakdown of the different file types you may receive when we work together and how to use them.

Raster File Types

  • Pixel-based
  • Non-scalable and will lose quality when scaled (or re-sized)
  • Resolution dependent


.Jpeg is the most widely used file format and the majority of your graphics will be provided this way. It is commonly used for photos and graphics. Jpegs are ‘pixel based’, which means that when you scale them up, your image will start to loose quality and become blurry or pixelated.

Use me if:

  • You want to add an image / graphics to your website
  • You want to upload your logo or other graphics online and on social media such as Instagram

Don’t use me if:

  • You need a logo or graphics with a transparent background
  • You are sending anything to be printed. As they are pixel based, they are often low quality when printed.


Png’s are also a pixel-based file format. However, differentiating from jpeg, png’s are transparent, meaning that the background will be removed from any of your graphics.

Use me if:

  • You want a graphic with a transparent background, such as a watermark over photos or a header on your website.

Don’t use me if:

  • You want to upload to Instagram. Instagram always decreases the quality of png files.
  • You are sending anything to be printed. As they are pixel based, they are often low quality when printed.

Vector File Types

  • Scalable
  • High quality
  • Common for graphics


Pdf’s are documents that can include multiple pages and are ideal for displaying print files such as price lists or business cards. Pdf’s are often the highest quality and you can zoom as much as you want without it becoming blurry. If you want to print any or your brand assets, printing companies will require your pdf files.

Use me if:

  • You are sending designs to be printed. Most printers prefer pdf’s as they are easy to prep and preview.
  • You need to display any documents online or over email (price lists, e-books, posters etc.)

Don’t use me if:

  • You want to upload graphics anywhere. Pdf’s aren’t often uploadable file types

.eps / .ai

Eps and AI files contain the raw vector design and can be edited in software like Adobe Illustrator. Should you ever find yourself working with an external designer such as a web designer or packaging designer, they will need access to these, but you shouldn’t need to touch them.

Use me if:

  • You are working with another designer. They will appreciate having the raw files as they are high quality.
  • You are sending large-scale designs to be printed, such as for billboards or signs.

Don’t use me if:

  • You need a transparent graphic.
  • You are wanting to upload your graphics anywhere, eps and ai files aren’t often uploadable.

Reminder: I ask that you don’t manipulate or change the design once you have received this so please be careful with your eps or ai files. Just hit me up if you want to explore updating something.

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