Creative direction & brand/web design for a global equine community

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HorseGrooms is a space for grooms to support and educate each other, keep horsemanship alive, and advance the craft of grooming.

In my role as Creative Director, I oversee and execute branding, messaging, website design (Showit, of course!), and visual content curation.

We set out to create an elevated brand that was both accessible and professional. In addition to the website, I also crafted promotional handouts, welcome sequences and email newsletters, business cards, social media templates, a media kit to share with potential sponsors, a welcome packet for contributing writers that covers FAQs and expectations, and custom tutorials for managing the blog.

“If you’re thinking of working with Amy, do it! We started with one project together and now we’re working on our fourth! Amy has a way of really understanding your vision and creating something you always wanted, even if you didn’t have the words.”

— Founder, Dinette Neuteboom

HorseGrooms is the incredible vision of Dinette, with whom I shared a wild, once-in-a-lifetime season working together on a Wyoming ranch nestled between Yellowstone National Park and the Big Horn National Forest. A shared love of horses, adventure, and community naturally led to our partnership in creating HorseGrooms.

While working as a groom and rider for top-level sporthorses around the world, Dinette has seen firsthand the desire for other grooms to have access to trustworthy information, career development resources, and professional networks.

The response worldwide has been nothing short of incredible. So much so that we’re now creating a branded community for grooms and all who value horsemanship.

In addition to creating designs, I also always provide extensive brand guidelines so you can hit the ground running with designs of your own if you would like. Guidelines start with explaining the concept and strategy behind everything and then explaining specific use cases for each aspect of your brand, like where to use which logo and how to use your color palette while staying flexible.

If it’s time to step into your next evolution with a refreshed presence, these are all great options, individually or as a whole package, for moving forward with unshakable clarity and confidence. Get in touch today to chat about designing the brand and website of your wildest dreams.

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