Soft & Flowy Meets Bold & Badass

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“I like soft and flowy but bold and badass. Is that even a realistic combo? 😂”

Sure is.

“Lemme gush just a bit… I seriously cannot thank you enough. Not just for the GORGEOUS website you created for me, but for being SO easy to work with. You saw my vision when I couldn’t and actually made the process fun.”

Carri had outsourced her first website to a WordPress developer who ended up not being the right fit. Despite multiple revisions and constant back-and-forth over a few months, she was left with an invoice that was almost triple the original quote and a site that was fine… But it wasn’t the “unapologetically Carri” vibe that she leads life and business with.

“I had paid a “designer” to create a site that just never felt like me, even though my face was all over it. It was hard to be proud of it or want to share it with everyone. After that epic fail, it was an easy decision to revisit working with Amy and turn her genius loose.”

We teamed up to revisit her brand strategy and then refresh her brand and website in just one day for exactly the original quoted price — which happened to be three times less than that other situation which became a whole damn thing.

Clunky WordPress Site to Flexible, Pinterest-Worthy Showit Site

“It FEELS professional. She nailed the mix of soft & feminine and confident badass in a way I could have never envisioned. I gave her VERY little to work with and she gave me a masterpiece! I would have never chosen the colors but she knew exactly what I needed because I’m absolutely in love with them.”

Carri and I accomplished the entire brand and website design in just one day, through my design-intensive offering. It’s one of the quickest, and usually most cost-effective ways, to refresh your brand or site or check off whatever other design to-dos that never seem to move off your list.

Other things we could accomplish include expanding your brand design with custom patterns and illustrations; revamping your brand strategy; adding on additional pages to your Showit website like a resources or favorites page for sharing your affiliate links, a long-form sales page, or a portfolio that showcases your work; or a Showit template customization.

We customized the Palm Springs by Davey & Krista template for Carri’s website, by the way! Check out the bold transformation below. Template customizations are a fantastic approach for getting a strategic and beautiful site up and running quickly because then later on when you’re ready to expand, you’ll have 10+ cohesive pages ready to be customized with your services, portfolio, Instagram links, and more!

When looking for the right template for your needs, focus on the features and structure of the site, more than just the vibe. The vibe can easily be changed by swapping out colors, fonts, and photos in minutes. Versus adding entire sections or pages.

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