Brand & Showit Website for an Experiential & Shamanic Healer

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Jessica’s been running a successful health collective for quite a few years now and has been used to being the support system for her clients and patients during their times of transition. When the time came to launch an emotive and deeply resonant brand experience for her next chapter, Jessica found herself needing a curious and compassionate creative team to support her through her own transition and help her vision come together.

Jessica and I connected through a copywriting peer and the project overall was so beautifully smooth and collaborative at every turn. It’s great when your creative team is familiar with each other! Not necessary by any means but it was an added bonus here.

“The creative duo of writing and brand and web design got to work fast and presented me with exactly what I was looking for.” — Jessica

Jessica’s new website was designed with a “lakeside mountain retreat” in mind and incudes a custom FAQ and Resources page to cover the many questions she often gets about her practice, while offering resources for continued healing and exploration outside of her client sessions. The overall experience is a mix of curiosity, play, and courage.


My first impression is… I kept getting excited about going back and looking at it.

This is just amazing. I’ve been looking at each page daily and I think it’s just perfect. I’m so excited to share this beautiful work that both you and Melanie created!“

Above you can see Jessica’s original website for her health collective, which we’ll also be refreshing shortly! The Well Grounded Soul is a testament to how truly unique and experiential your own brand and website can be amongst a sea of templated Squarespace, Wix, and GoDaddy health and wellness websites.

One of my favorite parts of our project was sourcing stock photography to supplement Jessica’s woodsy brand photoshoot! I always love curating photos across my favorite stock photo sites but honestly I was pretty surprised at what I was able to find for somatic healing photoshoots, at no additional project cost!

Instead of seeking out just a website or logo, I encourage you to explore something deeper and get a little playful with your inspiration sourcing! Feel free to look beyond your industry for a more unexpected perspective that may hook more potential customers and clients. Whatever your approach, whether you’re DIYing or putting together your dream team of creatives, the most important thing is to allow yourself to explore, tie every decision back to your goals, and lean into what makes you you!

If you’re interested in exploring that together, book a complimentary strategy call! I can provide a fresh perspective and offer a few tailored recommendations, regardless of if we work together or not.

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